Mark Rojas
Mark Rojas
Digital Product Designer

Design That Moves


Great design stays in motion.
It moves to create beauty.
It moves to inform.
It moves to adapt.

My specialty is designing solutions for web, mobile & emerging platforms through an iterative & user-centered approach. I'm passionate about weaving design, motion & technology to create simple products that continually improve. 



Heremeow 2.0


Mixed Reality Chat

With Heremeow 2.0, I want to further my goal of recreating real-life interactions through mixed reality and your phone's hardware. By combining voice, facial expression and a shared environment you can talk with friends the way you do in person. Using avatars as the medium, Heremeow creates a playful environment and eliminates social friction of video chat.

360° Degree Chat Rooms

Heremeow chat rooms are meant to be shared with your friends, and used as an opportunity to interact with people outside of your physical location. The shared setting of these rooms recreate elements of real-life via mixed reality on your mobile device. Using the built-in gyroscope, users can travel through space, meeting and interacting with fellow users.


Facial Tracking & Voice Chat

Real-time avatars are used to deliver facial expression, relieving the social friction of being on video. These features combined with voice chat delivers memorable interactions that rival real life. 



Live-Video Steaming

The idea emerged as a live-video streaming platform where users share content in real-time. I developed the concept, the brand, was product manager & designer, and worked directly with two engineers to develop the app.

Brand Identity

Named after the last of the supercontinents, Pangea was envisioned to be a unified platform for mobile live-streaming. The three bands of color for the icon was meant to represent the simultaneous streams of videos that would be produced and consumed by Pangea users. The icon itself resembles a map pin, emphasizing geolocation as a means of content discovery.


Experience Design

Pangea was designed to facilitate the rapid sharing & viewing of live-video content. I wanted to give viewers the feeling that they were experiencing an event in real-time. In order to achieve this, I wanted to give the content creators the ability to record & share in an instant. 

Heremeow 1.0


Live Stickers

Heremeow 1.0 is an asynchronous messaging app combining geo-location & animated stickers to communicate with friends. I created packs of stickers that combined motion, audio & illustrated backgrounds to send information-rich messages with minimal effort & maximal fun. I developed the concept, brand, design & led a team of engineers to develop this app.

Brand Identity

The brand reflects the experience I wanted to create, one that is playful & irreverent. Dramatic color contrasts combined with custom cat sounds and head-to-tail cat-ification creates a PURRRfect environment that annihilates all social friction.



Interface & Motion Design

The multi-sensory interaction design provides a simple platform that requires little effort to communicate moar. No paws needed.



Mobile Shopping Experience

Shopular is a personalized retail experience that uses geo-location. Users curate and browse deals from their favorite stores. Location-based push notifications increase engagement and make offerings more relevant.

As Head of Design, I worked with Shopular’s C-Level, Head of Product and Engineering team to design & build the mobile experience. After my designs were implemented, the user-base grew from 2M to 6M. The same experience has now grown to 10M users. It maintains an average rating of 5 stars and has accumulated more than 50,000 app store reviews.


Location & Affinity-Based Deals

The simplicity of Shopular's sign-up flow allows for users to customize their brands, and quickly discover & explore new deals from the brands they love.

Backed by Sequoia and Y Combinator. Acquired by Rakuten early 2016.

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